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​​Excecutive Team

Kobi Polger, CEO linkedin-social-color.png
As co-founder and CEO of Vasa Applied Technologies, Kobi oversees business
strategy and business development for the company. Kobi has a 20 year proven
record in various enterprises and entrepreneurships and a healthy combination
of managerial skills with a diverse business background. Kobi is an active member
in the top management team of Vasa Applied Technologies, where he serves both
on the project review board as well as well as the company's Board of Directors. 

Yoav Sella, CTO linkedin-social-color.png
Mr. Sella, co-founder of Vasa Applied Technologies, has years of experience
in ​multi-discipline (electrical-mechanical
-chemical) projects & team
management, quality assurance management and medical devices regulatory
affairs management. He has profound knowledge of measurement technologies,
research and development processes and of regulatory & quality standards
requirements. Mr. Sella is a certified Quality Engineer, 
with a B Sc. in Chemical
Engineering from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology).

Board of Directors

Nachman Cohen Zedek, Adv.
Chairman of the Board
Founding partner at Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz LLP Firm, as well as
a member of the Israel Bar Association, CIPA, INTA, and AIPPI.

Mr. Scott Bender
Co-founding Partner and CEO at BVS Consult, Inc. and a Director at Muir Beach​
Community Ser
vices District. Mr. Bender has more than 25 years of experience in
consulting to top companies around the world.  Mr. Bender consulted a wide range
of industries spanning multiple geographies, developed leading-edge strategies,
and guided clients through a multitude of operational challenges.  

Eyal Aluk, IDF Brigadier General (Res.)
Served as the head of the IDF Ordnance Corps between the years 2007 – 2010
and revolutionized the logistical concepts of the IDF. Mr. Aluk currently serves
as a director in various companies and as the COO of the Association for
the Wellbeing of IDF Soldiers.

Kobi Polger
Co-founder and CEO of VASA.​​

Vasa's Team of Excellence

Sivan Lavi
R&D Manager

Boaz Halachmi
MARCOM / IT Manager